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Fashion should never be faint-hearted or predictable. Fashion should surprise us: it should take liberties and show us with freedom in return. Fashion is what happens when you set imagination free.

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The fall/winter collection 2022

L U I S   U N L I M I T E D 

It stands for the limitless passion, inquisitiveness and creativity by which we constantly redefine ourselves.

This season we once again ignored the beaten path of clichés to enter uncharted territory with our new winter collection. There was nothing random or arbitrary about the backdrop for our photo shoot, either. Instead, we deliberately chose the rugged landscape of Sella Pass in the Dolomites - because the mountains are not only our home, but also our greatest source of inspiration.

the easywear collection

F R E E D O M unlimited

Everyday wear that's cheerfully casual yet resolutely chic - no wonder our easywear collection is so popular and coveted!

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the heritage collection

N A T U R E unlimited

These outfits take us back to our roots, to our innate love of nature and our deep commitment to sustainability.

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L I F E unlimited

Nothing symbolises the freedom of youth with its easy-going joie de vivre more than a university campus. The Luis Trenker Mountain Academy brings this feeling to life in its own inimitable style.

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The URban sophisticated collection

E L E G A N C E unlimited

Never has Alpine charm been more urban. Unostentatious, black, elegant. This collection is the epitome of perfection for stylish evening outfits.

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