Infrared Cubicles

Luis Trenker infrared cubicles

Luis Trenker does not only care about your good looks. Its cooperation with ‘Physiotherm’ is also proof that the company cares about how you feel, too. What is really striking is the marriage of innovative technology and traditional values.

​Luis Trenker himself knew about the positive effect of heat on body, mind, and soul.
After a long mountain excursion, he would head into his self-made ‘warmth chamber’ and sweat all impurities out.
This tradition has arrived in our modern times thanks to the cooperation between the South Tyrolean fashion and lifestyle brand, and the Tyrolean specialists for infrared technology, Physioterm.
The modern infrared cubicle adds an Alpine flair to the living area with lovingly made details such as a ski attached to the outer wall and an ancient belt buckle serving as the handle on the cubicle’s door.
Physioterm’s technology is also part of the main furnishing for the LUIS TRENKER Special Edition suites.
Physiotherm GmbH is a market leader in the development and manufacturing of infrared cubicles. The low temperature infrared technology guarantees a healthy sweating action from 30°C. This will not endanger the blood circulation; in fact, it will alleviate tensions and back pain, and strengthen the immune system and blood circulation.
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