Luis Trenker Premium Partner

Luis Trenker means quality.

Our values are also respected in the products of our partners.

Luis Trenker Partner

A name which is byword for quality.

We know we owe our success to our name. That is why we are extremely picky when it comes to choosing our partners.

The culmination of good taste

This harmonic combination gives the 5-Star-Romantik Hotel "Die Krone von Lech" its character. Standing above everything else is taste – from the interior to the silverware and the dishes from the award-winning kitchen and wine from the historic wine cellar.
Experience the culmination of good taste on a Krone-holiday!

Extraordinary cuisine, exciting wine lists and personal guided tours by the owners themselves

are emblematic of the “Genießerhotels & -restaurants” association with 38 very individual 4- and 5-star hotels in Austria, South Tyrol, Bavaria and the Berner Oberland. Whether right on the lake, in the mountains or a wine region: Each is a culinary treasure in its own right, some accompanied by a wide array of sports and wellness opportunities, others focused on their gourmet restaurant, perfect for families as well as delectable timeouts for two.
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Since 2011 the online booking platform “Booking South Tyrol“ brings guests from all over the world to the most beautiful places of South Tyrol.

The true essence of South Tyrol: this is what Luis Trenker and Booking South Tyrol share.

Authenticity, adventure, individuality, freedom - an exciting range of emotions that Trenker‘s fashion makes you feel on your skin through his clothes, which tell of mountains and unspoiled landscapes. And if you want to explore these landscapes in person, Booking South Tyrol takes you to the heart of this natural paradise where you can fully immerse yourself in an intense Alpine Lifestyle Experience.
Since 2011, on the booking platform “Booking South Tyrol“ mountain, nature and freedom lovers can choose from more than 2,000 exclusive accommodations throughout the region: from modern wellness and luxury hotels to charming guesthouses and cosy holiday apartments - Booking South Tyrol takes you to the most authentic places in the region, where the suggestive tradition meets a refreshing modernity.

A collaboration based on the love for South Tyrol, to live an Alpine Lifestyle Experience that touches the skin and gets into the heart.
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Thrill & Mountains & Tradition

When the world's top biathletes compete for medals every year at the Biathlon stadium of Antholz, they are cheered by tens of thousands of spectators in the midst of a unique mountain scenery. "Thrill & Mountains & Tradition" – that's the motto of the Biathlon World Cup Committee! Luis Trenker is part and parcel of the whole scene! Just like Antholz itself, Luis Trenker is distinguished by the words homeland, Alpine lifestyle and tradition!
We are proud to be partners of Luis Trenker!

You can find further details about the event here

Luis Trenker warms the cockles of your heart.

Luis Trenker does not only care about your good looks. The brand’s collaboration with ‘Physiotherm’ is proof that the company also cares about how YOU feel. What is really striking is the marriage of innovative technology and traditional values.

Visit our partner Physioterm

The cream of the crop!

We care about how you look and feel.

Visit our partner Prima.

Nearly a Luis Trenker Hotel

Welcome to the idyllic Tirler Hotel on the picturesque Seiser Alm.
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Pioneers of a new lifestyle:

Luis Trenker and the very first Alpine lifestyle hotel in the world.
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