A day in powdery snow with the new BERG Collection

30 centimetres of fresh snow and bright sunshine on the Luis Trenker Ski Day...
As part of the Luis Trenker team, most of the day is taken up with work, of course. But every now and then, we get to explore the beautiful nature of South Tyrol.
In March, this meant: The Luis Trenker Ski Day at Sellaronda! The entire Sales Team, friends and two ski pros honoured us with their presence, helping us enjoy a day's skiing with not a single cloud in the sky.

And it doesn’t even matter which boards you're using. Ski racing legends Denise Karbon and Isolde Kostner joined us as friends of our brand, and telemarker association "Puschtra Kniabiaga" completed the team. We were testing the new BERG Collection for everyday performance and, after each team member "rolled" (as South Tyroleans like to call it) in metres of snow at least once, we are now happy to declare with a clear conscience:
You cut a good figure with the new collection, even when you're falling. ;-)

For an overview of the new collection, have a look at our new catalogue --->here.

Enjoy the video and spend a virtual day with us in this white paradise.

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