A giants’ summit

‘Berge versetzen’ (Moving Mountains) – Reinhold Messner could not have found a more ideal topic which truly embodies our dreams and vision.
The man who moved mountains was the same who started taking small rocks away.

It was, to all effects and purposes, a giants’ summit: Luis Trenker and Reinhold Messner, two legends talking about complicated ascents, sheer drops, breathtaking emotions on the summit, the claustrophobic feeling during a descent, and the complex nature of a discipline which also bleeds into economy and sport: taking a leap of faith.
More than 150 guests from the world of economics, politics, fashion, hotels, and architecture flocked to Castle Firmiano, perched above Bolzano, on a mild October evening to follow the captivating words of a special mountain pioneer: indeed, nature is not the only experience Reinhold Messner and Luis Trenker share. They are also united in their drive to constantly take on new challenges and overcome obstacles. Both stories feature peaks and troughs, success and failure. A thin line separates the two, and the path leading to the summit is often filled with obstacles – be it a narrow mountainous ridge for mountaineers or the veritable jungle of the market for an entrepreneur. When in doubt, only the right motivation, mindset, passion for one’s own vision, and the will of pulling out all the stops to reach your goal are decisive.

The event featured the formative stories of a man who feels at home in the remotest corner of the planet, and has seen the ground from its rooftop. An evening which inspired us, gave us the energy to prepare ourselves for the next step in our journey.

We would like to thank all participants who made the evening an unforgettable event that will not be forgotten soon. Thank you, Kurt Brugger, for the amazing catering service, and the Messner Mountain Museum for the fantastic location, Richie Loidl for the music, and, of course, dear Reinhold: thank you for your inspiring words!


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