A life-changing meeting in Iceland

A talented skier, a passionate mountain-goer, a child of the South Tyrolean mountains if there ever was one, and a visionary...
Manni had been dreaming about fulfilling his personal dream ever since he had read that story about Iceland so long ago. He dreamt of Telemark skiing across the mountains of Iceland atop a cover of freshly fallen snow.
After many years, Manni had become one of the best Telemark skiers in Europe. The time had come to fulfil his dream. He packed his skis and left South Tyrol on a rainy November morning. He sailed from Genoa to Iceland and that’s how, a short time later, he landed in Reykjavik’s harbour, bursting to the brim with hope and expectations. He was ready for his big adventure…
Manni criss-crossed the country in utter fascination, curiosity and impatience flitting across his face. He was… unsettled, as his gaze repeatedly reached to the clouds above. The low-hanging banks of clouds were so thick he knew that skiing in those conditions was impossible. Slowly Manni understood why he had been urgently advised not to venture in the mountains without a local guide. His head finally cleared of any rash ideas and the skies took the hint, as the clouds started to lift. He would meet his guide that evening, confident that he would take him to the place where he could fulfil his dream of Telemark skiing in the land of geysers.
But his boldness soon mixed with uncertainty. He had come to realise that on this island you had to be constantly on the lookout for surprises. His first big one did not waste any time: his mountain guide? She was a woman. Astonished, Manni just stood there, in front of the athletic and beautiful islander. Her looks and her love for the mountains, her passion for sport and her interest in his big dream impressed him. They sat together, deep into the night, and he knew, right there and then, that this meeting wold set the course for the day after and the rest of his life…
They met early the next morning and drove together to the stud farm at the bottom of the mountains. From there, they would ride on horseback across the narrow valley, high into the mountains, where untouched, snowy fields waited just for them.
Manni resolutely reached for the reins of the island pony: he could not wait any longer, his adventure was about to start!
Eva, on the other hand, simply could not stop looking at the now adult foreigner, with his striking face and twinkling eyes.
Manni…had something about him which other men lacked. She did not know what that was. It could not just be his superior, laid back South Tyrolean charm. What impressed her the most was the way he clothed.
It was something unique: the combination of traditional lines and shapes and modern materials, functional sport clothing and Alpine elegance. There was no doubt about it: she would pull out all the stops to help him fulfil his dream.
It was simply amazing. For weeks, Manni had only been able to think about one thing: his descent across the steep walls of the snow-covered volcanic island, his perfectly executed Telemark turns on foreign soil. However, his attention was elsewhere. He was so close to fulfilling his dream, yet he had eyes only for Eva. He had somehow fallen under her spell. There was a silent chemistry thrumming with unspoken potential running between the two of them. They liked the same music, films and loved mountains above anything else in the world. What really surprised him was how similar they were in all things fashion. This mix of elegance and athletic attire, with beautiful yet practical graceful clothing had impressed him. Finally! A woman who did not bow to international trends but was brave enough to pick out an individual and unique style. Now, if she were only to stop distracting him with that inner glow of hers, he could get on with fulfilling his dream…
Taking leave from Eva was not easy. He could not think of that now, for he had to follow the call of the mountain first. Then, and only then, would he listen to his heart. Pensive, he started ascending the mountain, battling the icy wind with a smile on his face, as his clothing protected him extremely well from the elements, allowing him to enjoy every moment of the climb. He kept going on, the thought of performing one Telemark turn after the other driving him forward… together with the knowledge that he would soon be seeing Eva again…
As his gaze swept across the beautiful landscape in silent awe, he came to realise that he was a very lucky person indeed.
He put on his skis and wished that this moment could last for eternity.
But then he thought about Eva and the future they had in front of them. This descent may have very well symbolised the very end of a goal he had been dreaming fervently about for years, but it was also the start of his new life. Happiness was right in front of him: all he had to do was take it.
Bursting with zeal, happiness and euphoria, he gave himself a push and glided with wide turns across the steep, white field which would lead him to the bottom of the valley…
As he skied, he started to yodel so loudly and happily that even the geysers stood quietly for a moment. It was an extremely lonely moment, yet that made the prospect of being together again with Eva so much sweeter. Even if what brought them together had been one big coincidence, their shared love for the mountains proved that it was simply right.
And, after all, it could not have been that much of a coincidence, for the Tyrolean hat fit her perfectly. They happily lay in each other’s arms, and Manni had to laugh. He had looked for an adventure, and found it. But her smouldering gaze also warned the fearless South Tyrolean tomboy that here was a blonde force of nature that would never be tamed. Not even by the likes of him.

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