A night in a tent and breakfast under the blue, blue sky

Pack your bags and head to the Seiser Alm!

Take the shuttle to one of the most beautiful plateaus of Europe.
After an excursion across blossoming fields, you will see a small house looming in the horizon: the idyllic Sanon Hut. The hut is the goal of our journey into the world of Luis Trenker.
The hosts will welcome us with Speck and Kaminwurzen, a type of smoked sausages, and then continue to the grill to prepare some delicious meat dishes. Seppi and Peppi will ensure you feel relaxed, and Michi will hold a passionate talk. We will then marvel at the 2015 summer collection and enjoy a nice evening
Outside, a small camp made up of tents awaits our guests, who can take in the stunning view of the mountains the next morning.

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