A piece of tradition:
our wool felt jacket

The history of the wool felt jacket, the latest addition to our new collection, goes back to the mid-20th century, where it was produced in Salzburg with a special tecnique, according to an old family tradition.

What characterises this kind of jackets?
Then as now, the most important feature of these jackets is that the raw wool is first spun into thread, processed on hand knitting machines and then felted. All the other wool felt jackets are first milled as fabric, then cut and tailored.

From the former farmers' workwear to the most important piece of Luis Trenker knitwear...
After months of experimentation, we found the perfect blend of materials to turn the formerly rather "scratchy" jacket into a winter must-have with a supersoft touch. The secret: only half of our jacket is made of sheep's wool, the other half is finest alpaca wool.

What are the main features of the jacket?
It is the perfect outdoor jacket due to its wind- and water-repellent, as well as its breathable properties. The material is comparable to today's Gore-Tex membrane and defies any weather.

How can Luis Trenker's interpretation of this classic be described?
Attention to details - The metallic, punched buttons and the border in contrasting colour are immediate eye catchers.
Modern - The oversized cut transports the traditional garment into today's world.
Versatile - The wide range of colours, from timeless black or cream to bright royal blue and flashy red, meets every taste.

Here you can choose your favourite jacket:
LUANDREA for her

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