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Climbing comrades

Love declarations and other quotes:

What connects friends, partners and staff to Luis Trenker.
Climbing comrades
“I associate Luis Trenker with the timeless symbiosis of tradition and modern alpine lifestyle. This kind of fashion makes me feel close to home. The smart look is also wonderful to wear in my current home country, England.”
Ralph Hasenhüttl
Head coach of the Premier League club FC Southampton
Climbing comrades
"Luis Trenker is a brand which can be perfectly combined with music. I think this kind of clothes suits me because it's a mix between traditional and modern elements. It is important to me to be dressed with both style and class, because clothes make the man!"
Tobias Mair
Climbing comrades
"Above all, Luis Trenker means family to me. I have been a part of this brand since it was founded 25 years ago and it makes me proud to be able to accompany this adventure also in the future!"
Johanna Klemera
Shop Managerin
Climbing comrades
"To me, fashion is the most beautiful way to express one's own personality. What I love most about Luis Trenker is the diversity of each collection, which allows everyone to identify with the brand in their own unique way!"
Miriam Micheluzzi
Social Media Coordinator
Climbing comrades
"Finding a company in my homeland South-Tyrol where I can follow my passion for fashion every day is a great stroke of luck for me.
In Luis Trenker I have found a family in which I feel at home and at the same time can fully develop myself – this makes me feel very grateful."
Thomas Braito
Retail Manager
Climbing comrades
"A brand that is a family and reflects our traditions in design and lines but always with a touch of modernity."
Carolina Kostner
South Tyrolean figure skating legend
Climbing comrades
„Luis Trenker belongs to South Tyrol, just as the mountains do! As a sportsman who is always on-the-go and as a homeland loving, mountain enthusiastic person, I always manage to carry a piece of home with me thanks to Luis Trenker!
The combination of traditional, stylish and comfortable fashion makes Luis Trenker the perfect partner for me and my adventures.”
Lukas Hofer
Climbing comrades
"I love Queen and Billie Eilish. Jovanotti and Folkshilfe. Leonard Cohen and David Guetta. If you don't fit a mould musically, you neither do it when it comes to fashion. My life is colourful and I can cope with it. But the older I get, the more I feel my South Tyrolean roots, and the more I feel that the mountains and their people belong to me. Recently I read an inspiring quote: "We can't always choose the adventures we are made for". That's true, but I choose the clothes in which I experience them! And some of my favourite pieces are definitely from Luis Trenker!"
Sarah Bernardi
Radio presenter Südtirol 1
Climbing comrades
"Luis Trenker is „Alpine Lifestyle“ and perfectly combines tradition with modernity. Luis Trenker is more than just a fashion label – it’s an attitude, an authentic and tangible state of mind. Absolutely my brand!”
Renate Wildenhain
Public Relations Manager
Climbing comrades
„Luis Trenker stands for tradition and modernity. Alpine fashion redefined. Stylish, chic and always something special. For me it's pure joy of life.“
Klaus Filon
Freind and long loyal Luis Trenker client
Climbing comrades
"Luis Trenker is for me like lifestyle and attitude to life at the same time - like being at home”
Michaela Hammel
Publisher/management of the ALPS Magazine
Climbing comrades
"As an artist on stage and as a person in public life, fashion and an outfit suitable for every occasion are my daily bread. But especially as a private person I attach great importance to quality, sustainability and comfort. For me, Luis Trenker is the perfect mix of all these ingredients!"
Clemens Unterreiner
Baritone at the State Opera of Vienna