European origin and traditional family businesses

Our ethical standards.

Anyone who goes shopping regularly and pays attention to the labels on the garments knows that most of them are still produced in Asian countries. This applies not only to cheap fashion, but also to well-known premium brands: a high price is therefore no guarantee for sustainable production and fair working conditions.
We, on the other hand, can proudly claim that our fashion is produced almost exclusively in Europe. This not only favours the already mentioned short transportation routes, but also allows better control of the production chain and even regular visits to the production sites. As we cultivate a long-standing, friendly relationship with many of our suppliers and producers, we would like to introduce you two of them in the following.
A prime example is the Italian shoe manufacturer Tre Cime, with whom we have been working for about ten years. Here the word "family business" is capitalized: Adriano Zorzi, his wife Ivana and their two sons Stefano and Andrea have devoted themselves with passion and commitment to the production of shoes made of high-quality leather for many years. For us, the Zorzi family produces welted shoes with Vibram soles that are particularly durable and resistant.

We select our producers carefully and always make sure that they share our values and our philosophy. For example, when it comes to the production of T-shirts and ready-to-wear items such as blouses, dresses and trousers, we have chosen Petratex, a textile company based in Portugal. This company attaches great importance to its ecological footprint and has been relying on renewable energies for a long time already. In 2019 alone, thanks to a photovoltaic system and the use of bio-energy, more than 400KW of electricity will be generated, enabling a CO2 reduction of more than 250 tons! Furthermore, the company recycles fabric remnants and any other waste that the production is generating: Already in the first six months of this year, a recycling rate of 92% was achieved.

In conclusion to this we would like to emphasize the sustainable and organic growth of our own company. Since 1995, Luis Trenker has gradually become what it is today, without any outside capital at all. We now have 45 employees and are proud of everything we have already achieved!

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