Fabric with history: loden from the Leichtfried woollen mill

Our love of tradition expressed in materials.

Loden can look back on a centuries-old tradition in the Alpine region: As early as the 9th century AD, the fabric, which is known for its water and wind repellent properties, protected the shepherds from cold and wet weather in winter. But how does the raw material wool actually become this functional fabric?

This can be observed particularly well at the Austrian Leichtfried woollen mill, from which we obtain the loden fabrics for our current winter collection: This family business has been producing loden fabrics in full-scale production since 1884!
The manufacturing process begins with the careful selection of wool fibres: In the Leichtfried woollen mill, mainly the wool of Australian merino sheep is processed, as it is not only pleasantly soft, but also particularly versatile and biodegradable.

The dyeing, spinning, warping and weaving of the wool fibre is followed by the signature step in loden production: fulling. This causes the fabric to shrink in both warp and weft direction, giving it its special feel. Finally, the refinement process provides the finishing touch, which gives the loden its unique sheen and handle. To this end, a natural thistle room machine is still used at the Leichtfried woollen mill today, with which the fabric is spread particularly gently - a process that is unique in the modern textile industry.

We are fascinated and inspired by the Leichtfried family's love of textiles and craftsmanship, which is already in its fifth generation. This is why we are proud to have our loden produced here.

By the way: in South Tyrol, loden used to be worn preferably in the form of coats. That's why a loden coat for him and a loden cape for her were naturally a must in our winter collection!

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