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Good morning, Salzburg!

Luis is coming to town to conquer your hearts, which have been yearning for fashionable and adventurous clothing choices!
We’ve been active in Salzburg since the end of February 2019 and can be found in the city centre.
You may wonder why should we open a shop in Salzburg, of all places? We’ll let Michi take over at this point, as he’s connected to Mozart’s hometown in a very special way.
A well-respected tailor and ‘citizen of Salzburg’ used to live in the Linzergasse 6 between 1897 and 1928. The imperial and royal supplier to the court was none other than Wenzel Klemera himself, Michi’s great-grandfather.
Fast-forward a good 100 years later, and the opening of a Luis Trenker shop brings the Klemera name back to Mozart’s birthplace. We’ve come full circle, because Michi’s great-grandfather was also active in the world of fashion.
As you can imagine, opening the new shop represented a special moment for the entire team and an important step for Luis Trenker’s future!

We would like to thank everyone that has been together with us on this momentous journey and who helped us organise the opening ceremony for the shop! We laughed, we celebrated, danced to the tunes of a boogie-woogie and toasted our newest shop on the Judengasse 9! A heartfelt ‘thank you’ goes to our long-standing partner, Spezialbrauerei Forst, for the delicious, refreshing beverages!

Dear citizens of Salzburg, we’re looking forward to thriving in Mozart’s hometown and can’t wait to pamper you with our fashionable clothing lines which embody pure Alpine lifestyle!

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Luis Trenker is still alive at the Dolomites Living Hotel Tirler

Michi Klemera, owner of the Luis Trenker fashion label, writes in his newsletter:
Our fashion label “Luis Trenker” gains more fans every day and continues to thrill customers from the first moment. This week we received a photo together with a comment from some of the long-time customers of our brand, Hannes and Sandra Rabanser of the ‘Hotel Tirler’ on the Seiser Alm:

A collection to remember

The lights go out. The candles start to flicker. The soundtrack of the film “Amélie” starts to play. Goosebumps. The spotlights turn on and… welcome Luis Trenker!
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