Luis Trenker is still alive at the Dolomites Living Hotel Tirler

Michi Klemera, owner of the Luis Trenker fashion label, writes in his newsletter:
Our fashion label “Luis Trenker” gains more fans every day and continues to thrill customers from the first moment. This week we received a photo together with a comment from some of the long-time customers of our brand, Hannes and Sandra Rabanser of the ‘Hotel Tirler’ on the Seiser Alm:
Luis Trenker: The mountain climber, actor, director and writer was born in 1892 in St. Ulrich in Gröden in South Tyrol. In 1990 ended a productive life that had lasted almost 100 years.

The current filming of his life under the title “Der schmale Grat der Wahrheit” (The Narrow Ridge of Truth), with Tobias Moretti in the lead role, shows that this pillar of the mountain experience remains unforgettable even today.
While those critical of Luis Trenker’s persona should of course be respected, people should, however, be aware that with a time span of more than 80 years the social structures of that time and their effects cannot be compared to those of today.
History teaches us that much of what was considered good in the past is now seen as negative and the same can also been seen in reverse. The Biblical passage “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” may be cited here.
Regardless, Luis Trenker was a man of inspiring energy, who with his stories and movies about life in the mountains captivated almost the whole world. His favourite place was without a doubt the Seiser Alm with the surrounding Dolomites.
Among other works, he filmed “The Prodigal Son” here, which was awarded a prize at the 1935 Venice Biennale. Luis Trenker chose the Saltria area around the Tirler Alm as the central point of this film. So it comes as no accident that the Rabanser family, owners and proprietors of this award-winning Alpine lodge, are committed Trenker fans to this day, the Luis Trenker monument right next to the meadow gives evidence of this.
The monument helps guests from near and far understand the invaluable efforts of the charismatic mountain climber on behalf of the Seiser Alm, a world natural heritage site, and the Rabanser family is 100 percent committed to commemorating Luis Trenker. Very soon after the introduction of the “Luis Trenker” fashion label, all of the family’s employees were wearing the brand!
On the meadow there is of course a cosy Luis Trenker bar. In the hotel, an entire suite is dedicated to the mountain pioneer and decorated with traditional accessories. Pictures of Luis Trenker appear all around, these are not kitsch but rather actual documentation giving the guests an authentic experience. Almost all of them bear the posthumous encounter with the “King of the Dolomites” when they return home. Many inhale the “Trenker virus”, becoming enthusiastic friends of the mountains and fans of the Luis Trenker brand because of its incomparable products.

On the Tirler Alm and in the four-star plus Dolomites Living ‘Hotel Tirler’, people believe that they can almost feel Luis taking in the entire scene from somewhere, with his typical smile, the inevitable felt hat on greying curly hair, his pipe in a strong hand, and saying in an approving tone “Long live the mountains!”

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