Luis Trenker meets slow fashion: what makes us a sustainable label.

Away from mass consumption, back to the roots.

For years, the fashion industry was dominated by cheap mass-produced goods, which pushed supposedly expensive quality products into a niche. But already a few years ago the headlines of exploited workers, collapsed textile factories, polluted oceans and highly poisonous clothing increased, whereupon a significant change was initiated.
In many consumers there was a growing desire for clothing that could be worn without a guilty conscience. This is how the counter-movement to "fast fashion" came about: "slow fashion", which is intended to remind us again that quality should always take precedence over quantity when it comes to fashion.
For us, slow fashion is not just another trend: it's an integral part of our DNA! Because what has become a sign against the throwaway society led by mass consumption, we have been practicing for many years.
Sustainable thinking starts with design: we don't follow fast-moving fashion trends, but remain true to our timeless approach. After all, it is one of our primary goals that you should not only be able to wear our clothes for a few months, but that they should accompany you throughout your life - a first important step towards restricting consumption!
In the next stories we want to reveal what else we are doing in terms of sustainability. Be curious!

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