Regional thinking: our attitude since the beginning of time

We are setting an example for homeland ties and environmental awareness.

We have always been deeply attached to South Tyrol, our homeland. It is therefore obvious that focusing on our region is something totally close to our heart. The wool of the "Villnösser Brillenschaf" (or "bespectacled sheep" of the Villnöss Valley), is now one of our standard materials: the oldest breed of sheep of South Tyrol was near to extinction, when the superb quality of its meat and precious wool were re-discovered. For many farmers in the Villnöss Valley, these endearing gregarious animals, with their characteristic black marks around the eyes are an important source of income. For this reason alone, it was important for us to revive this rare type of wool with its silky, sturdy fibers. It is processed to make a technical fleece that is used as a warm lining for our jackets and trousers.
A further manufacturer in South Tyrol on which we have relied for years, is Tuchfabrik Moessmer AG: this company, based in the Puster Valley, began producing high-quality fabrics way back in 1894. It is still one of only a few textile companies to produce everything from start to finish – from the wool to its high-quality fabrics – in-house. Its guiding principle in all this is the sustainable use of resources.

Apart from this, almost all the fabrics we use come exclusively from Italy, preferably from the "Associazione IdeaBiella", the "Biella Weavers Association". This is a pool of 60 fabric manufacturers from the province of Biella in Piedmont, many of which have been producing textiles in family-run businesses for centuries. They have made a name for themselves in the textile industry with their particularly high-quality fabrics, and also deliver to numerous reputable suit tailors around the world. The "Associazione IdeaBiella" has meanwhile become a sort of quality seal in the textile industry that we, too, are happy to rely on.

In addition to the short transport routes connected with the use of mainly Italian fabrics, another big topic of environmental awareness for us, is recycling. On our search for a sustainable, technical filling for our current berg collection and our autumn/winter collection, we came across the recycled down of the Spanish company NEOKDUN. This company breathes new life into down feathers that it retrieves from discarded duvets and clothes: They are sorted out by hand and made as good as new in an elaborate, innovative process that uses no pollutant substances. In addition to the environmentally-friendly aspect and the unique technical characteristics involved, the fact that the down feathers come exclusively from European geese and ducks was a decisive argument in our decision to adopt this filling material. This is because the controlled origin is really the most crucial thing of any sustainable product.

As a fashion company, we naturally need countless clothes hangers. But ours are made of recycled plastic: we buy them from the company P.M.P. from Treviso, which takes back and repairs defective, broken hangers. In this way the life cycle of the plastic is extended almost "ad infinitum" - in the true sense of the so-called circular economy!

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