"Taking our mountains to the world"

Michi's interview with Style in Progress about the difficulties and opportunities of the current situation and about our spring/summer 2023 shoot in lofty heights.

Style in Progress:
Michi, Luis Trenker is back at Pitti Uomo, did a heart's desire come true there?

Michi Klemera:
Definitely. If you want to compete with the best in the world, Pitti Uomo is the place to be. For Luis Trenker it's definitely a great chance to show our style, our fashion and our mountains to the world.

This also means that specialist retailers are once again becoming a strong focus for Luis Trenker - in recent years you have invested heavily in your own channels.
In my perspective, one does not exclude the other and I think every strong retailer knows that synergies are positive for the whole business. For me, the independent fashion retailer, no matter from which country and no matter from which segment, is always an important partner and I am happy that we will celebrate a beautiful gala evening together with these companions in Salzburg at Schloss Leopoldskron. This is our way of saying thank you to our partners for allowing us to celebrate success despite the adversities of the last two years.

What is the current mood and what do you expect from the season?
From an entrepreneurial point of view, we're planning with caution. Now is not the time for additional risks - because this pointless war is of course hurting morale. Even if it doesn't directly affect our company, we are all human beings and feel for those who are losing their lives or livelihoods.

Keyword supply chain, probably the hottest topic in the industry right now...
It is, that´s how the whole industry is at the moment, challenging in every detail. As a brand, you must deal with every fabric, every yarn, every button and ask: Will the price hold, will the delivery date hold? The difficulties in the supply chain affect us a little less because we have been consistently relying on suppliers at a short distance for years. Luis Trenker produces in Italy, Romania and Portugal - but even in these countries we are not safe from unexpected events. We counteract this by consistently increasing the proportion of “made in Italy” production, which is important for our slow fashion thinking. I love Italian creativity and I am happy that we can interpret it in a distinctive way with Luis Trenker.

Your models must also be mountain-proof this year...
Yes, I'm really looking forward to showing the campaign images and videos. We shot at 2,000 metres, staging the mountains as our roots and finally unleashing our full creative potential again. I love to surprise and inspire my partners and clients, it's one of the best parts of my job.

How have the new distribution partnerships in Germany worked out?
Very well! Kai Jördens, our man in Germany, has done a great job here, especially reinspiring the north about our brand. The trade fair presence at the Böhler Areal in Düsseldorf is an important local platform for us.

Is that the formula for the future? A leading international trade fair and then locally the best service platform or your own showroom?
For Luis Trenker, for sure. We don't need to wander from trade fair to trade fair, we have a clear vision of who we are addressing and don't wait until this desired partner happens to walk onto the stand at a trade fair.

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