The new star of the Luis Trenker berg 2018 collection!

Dive into the universe of the South Tyrolean Brillenschaf, a sustainable world bursting with traditions and love for handmade products.
The Villnösser Brillenschaf is the oldest sheep breed in South Tyrol and found itself on the brink of extinction just a few years ago. Some concerned people got together and attempted to protect the rearing of these rare animals through the ‘Villnösser Brillenschaf’ brand.
In the past, their meat was highly valued and could be sold off easily, while their wool was a huge burden for the farmers, as its disposal cost a lot of money every year.
These problems have now been solved by the Luis Trenker berg collection: nearly the entirety of the wool is purchased by us every year, and is processed using high-quality technologies employing fibres and used to line our ski jackets, providing a warm padding for skiers.

Genuine manual craftsmanship, made in the Dolomites, with a lot of attention to detail and a fluffy, regional reference!

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Another big step for Luis Trenker – welcome to the new Luis Trenker Flagship Store in the heart of Vienna!
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