The sun is shining in buckets!

Based on the weather, slightly different than planned but still an experience!
Welcome to the Presentation of the 2018 Summer Collection!
When the phone rings at 11 in the morning of the collection presentation, and the cable car manager declares that the cable car isn’t going to the Toni Demetz Hut because of a storm, Michi and his team really get going. Within one hour, the plan for the entire collection presentation is changed around, models are re-organised, food is taken from the initial hut to the new location, the Salei Hut, the helicopter is re-directed, all customers are notified, new sleeping arrangements are made etc. etc.
In a nutshell: We had an amazing afternoon, with great food, we got to admire a fantastic collection, with perfect musical accompaniment from the Bohemian St. Christina Band, and we managed to enjoy the evening with a glass or two of Luis Trenker wine or schnapps.
For the first time, the new Luis Trenker cheese was presented. Its flavour won over every guest.

The accommodation was very close, just like you’d expect at over 2,000 metres... Some of our guests were able to spend the night comfortably in cosy rooms in the Salei Hut. Some team members slept traditionally in chalet liners in the dormitory of the Friedrich August Hut nearby.

We are so pleased that we had such relaxed customers who were in a great mood and were able to spend a lovely day with us despite the new plans.

We are ready for Summer 2018!

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A collection to remember

The lights go out. The candles start to flicker. The soundtrack of the film “Amélie” starts to play. Goosebumps. The spotlights turn on and… welcome Luis Trenker!
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