Trenker´s 10 mountaineering rules

Luis Trenker was a genuine climber who truly appreciated nature.

"Do not swing an ice axe into the pure side of the mountain unless you need to.”

1) Do not undertake any excursion into the mountains you are not capable of: your skills should surpass the mountain, not it you!

2) Prepare every excursion with both your head and hands.

3) Never forget your upbringing and what you were taught.

4) Do not disrespect the area you are walking on. Do not litter God’s masterpiece with shards of glass bottles, egg shells, and other waste.

5) Always proudly uphold camaraderie among mountaineers!

6) The mountain huts are like your home: take care of them.

7) Do not steal. Do not pilfer the peace and mountain quite of other people, their solitude and their view of the summits.

8) Do not lie, exaggerate, or be cocky.

9) Preserve the honour of your association: not only your own, but also that of the community which opened up your heart to the mountains.

10) Do not desecrate the mountains in looking to break new records: look for their soul!

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