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Luis Trenker Premium Partner

Luis Trenker means quality.

Our values are also respected in the products of our partners.

Luis Trenker Partner

A name which is byword for quality.

We know we owe our success to our name. That is why we are extremely picky when it comes to choosing our partners.

What could be better than conquering hearts while flying?

A flight that will pluck at the nostalgic strings of your heart: when the Antonov AN-2 takes off, you’ll feel the 1,000 HP reverberating across your bones. The flight will lull you back in time, when flying was a byword for exclusivity, style, and adventure. Be it a short, circular sightseeing flight, a company event, or a wedding, the ‘Tyrolean eagle’ makes flying a dream come true. It’s not only branding which unites the two partners, Luis Trenker and Adventure Wings, but also their claim to high quality, style, and striving for the exceptional in the world.

You can find further details about the unforgettable event here

Luis Trenker: a household name for clothing and now, cheese!

In cooperation with Mila Südtirol - Alto Adige an extraordinary cheese now sports our name. Why? The name Luis Trenker stands for nature, love of genuine quality. And this cheese does justice to those claims. A unique and distinctive product.

Visit the website to discover more

Luis Trenker warms the cockles of your heart.

Luis Trenker does not only care about your good looks. The brand’s collaboration with ‘Physiotherm’ is proof that the company also cares about how YOU feel. What is really striking is the marriage of innovative technology and traditional values.

Visit our partner Physioterm

The cream of the crop!

We care about how you look and feel.

Visit our partner Prima.

Answer the call of the mountains and book an exclusive hotel suite.

The Luis Trenker Suites combine modern design, natural materials and the typical Alpine flair of Luis Trenker, creating a beautiful furnishing concept which radiates peace and cosiness.

See the booklet of the Luis Trenker Suite
Visit our partner Riedl

Harmony of design, movement and health between Luis Trenker and Wagner

About the meeting of Luis Trenker with a traditional chair company,
which has the focus of well-being of the People.

See booklet
Visit our partner Wagner

The perfect combination of tradition and innovation

Luis Trenker and DaunenStep have chosen to join forces to give you a better night’s sleep. The new collection of duvet covers, characterized by the original alpine style, gives your bedroom an authentic and exclusive atmostphere.
Visit our partner Daunenstep.

Nearly a Luis Trenker Hotel

Welcome to the idyllic Tirler Hotel on the picturesque Seiser Alm.
Discover more

Pioneers of a new lifestyle:

Luis Trenker and the very first Alpine lifestyle hotel in the world.
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ART OF SNOW - Premium guide to excellence in snow

The hallmark of the magazines we publish is their in-depth textual content invariably complemented by a captivating photo spread. It is our genuine personal enthusiasm that allows us to capture the passion that inevitably defines the artists, entrepreneurs and hospitality sector hosts that we showcase.

In our magazines, urban meets alpine artisanship. You have master chefs conjuring up the kind of magic already distinctive to the spontaneous world of high-end design our pages define. Authenticity is where it’s at, further reflected in unambiguous layout. With us, simple stories have a way of evolving into state-of-the-art story-telling. Of course, the matt paper achieving an all-important element we aspire towards, namely understatement!

Our exclusive FRIENDS distribution network further reflects the quality and value of the content.
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