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Climbing comrades

Love declarations and other quotes:

What connects friends, partners and staff to Luis Trenker.
Climbing comrades
"As an artist on stage and as a person in public life, fashion and an outfit suitable for every occasion are my daily bread. But especially as a private person I attach great importance to quality, sustainability and comfort. For me, Luis Trenker is the perfect mix of all these ingredients!"
Clemens Unterreiner
Baritone at the State Opera of Vienna
Climbing comrades
"What I love about my sport is the international spirit, which I also feel among millions of fans. What unites us all is probably the longing for this Nordic feeling that really flares up in the snow-covered stadiums. Luis Trenker suits me. The alpine lifestyle is also art of my fashion style in my free time. Strong character clothing with which I also represent my alpine homeland South Tyrol abroad and at the same time always „wear“ with me. Because Luis Trenker is international and still close to my South Tyrol. Just like me."
Dominik Windisch
Biathlon World Champion
Climbing comrades
"You will always be one step ahead when wearing Luis Trenker: in the mountains, on the snow, and in life! As a passionate telemarker skier, the Berg collection ensures I am dressed stylishly wherever I am, be it during my downtime or when participating in World Cups. One thing is sure: life is too short for strict dos and don’ts… and for bad clothing!"
Raphael Mahlknecht
Italian Telemark Team
Climbing comrades
"For me, Luis Trenker symbolizes the mountains, homeland and exceptional flair! We at the Biathlon World Cup Committee Antholz have this very feeling when we wear fashion by Luis Trenker! We want to be authentic and at the same time smart, original, devoted to our region, modern and "simply great"! My team and I are very proud to be part of the Luis Trenker philosophy!"
Lorenz Leitgeb
President of the Biathlon World Cup Committee
Climbing comrades
"Luis Trenker – a world full of passion and individuality.
Like no other brand, Luis Trenker represents true love for uniqueness, authenticity and alpine tradition.
Always remaining true to its values, but constantly developing new ideas, is what fascinates me about Luis Trenker.”
Ilenia Eisenkeil
Trainee – Social Media Coordinator
Climbing comrades
"There are far too few brands which have a life of their own. Not Luis Trenker. It is distinctive and individual and breathes life into everything it does. It keeps up with the changing times yet is deeply rooted in its past, its old values, giving a new impulse to its design.”
Stefanie Hocher
Sales and Marketing
Climbing comrades
"The size of a company does not depend on the richness, but rather by its ability to transmit positivity to all those who come in contact with it.
I am always positively impressed by Luis Trenker and I am grateful for this, keep it up."
Manuela Mölgg
Skier and face of the BERG campaign 2017
Climbing comrades
“Luis Trenker represents unbridled Alpine charm and boasts a very special natural gift: a piece signed Luis Trenker, after all, is a traditional, stylish and also revolutionary garment which opens the door to the world without giving up its down-to-earth and honest soul.”
Stefan Dalsasso
Italy and Western Austria Sales Team
Climbing comrades
“I am fascinated by the fact that Luis Trenker unites different generations. The collection embodies my home, South Tyrol, and does not bow down to any trends. In fact, it is quite the trailblazer!”
Sabrina Marchiodi
E-Commerce & Marketing
Climbing comrades
"Like a sunrise in the mountains, with a feeling of new energy and zest for life to break new ground, so I see the philosophy of Luis Trenker. We are proud and grateful to be part of it."
Helmuth Gufler
Owner of Gompm Alm
Climbing comrades
"A melody can awaken emotions and feelings; in the same way, the fashion line of Luis Trenker can strike a chord. It represents home, traditions, loyalty. It’s honest and genuine. I wear Luis Trenker with a smile on my face, with humility and gratefulness because I carry a piece of South Tyrol with me at all times, wherever I go. I too am a child of the mountains."
Vanessa Grand
Singer and moderator
Climbing comrades
"Fashion is an expression of our personality, fashion is communication, and fashion is part of our lifestyle. Luis Trenker is bold enough to chart its own path and, therefore, develops an extremely individual spirit. You should and must not always follow the crowd. What would it be like if we were all the same?
A request to Luis Trenker: keep on doing what you’re doing!!!
PS: I love knickerbockers!!!"
Rainer Schönfelder