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Luis Trenker - Official Fashion Partner of FC Südtirol

FC Südtirol is the only professional football club between Innsbruck and Trento, and the most northerly professional football club in Italy, and is currently competing in Italy's second-highest league, series B. As the name suggests, the club serves as a sports ambassador for South Tyrol and at the same time as a link between the three language groups represented in this country: In the stadium, German, Italian and Ladin fans meet as equals and share the same mission - to cheer on FC Südtirol!

On first sight, the world of football and the world of fashion may seem different: However, the boundless love for South Tyrol, the burning passion for sports, and the profound desire to make a difference are just some of the parallels between FC Südtirol and Luis Trenker.

Luis Trenker is therefore the official fashion partner of FC Südtirol. As of now, the players and coaches will be wearing Luis Trenker when walking into the stadium, as well as at official appearances of all kinds. That's why we didn't make a classic suit for FC Südtirol, but a sporty, comfortable sweatsuit that authentically reflects the character of the club and its members.

We strongly believe that the potential of this partnership is limitless - and we are happy to be able to accompany FC Südtirol in a fashionable manner on its road to success!

Luis Trenker x FC Südtirol

Photographer: Gerd Eder
Location: Drusus Stadium Bolzano, Italy
Players of FC Südtirol: Fabian Tait | Daniele Casiraghi | Matteo Rover | Raphael Odogwu | Giacomo Poluzzi

Exclusive fan items

For all fans, we have the player t-shirt in dark blue and white as well as the popular cap exclusively on sale!

Luis Trenker x FC Südtirol: T-Shirt Lucarlo
Regular fit T-shirt with short sleeves and crew neck
Luis Trenker x FC Südtirol: T-Shirt Lucarlo
Regular fit T-shirt with short sleeves and crew neck

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