A promise in 10 parts

Only those who follow their own path
can leave a trace.

We do not follow trends
Only our convictions.

Dear climbing comrades,

 promise is not made lightly - it must be kept.
That’s how I was raised. 

That is why the promises on the following pages represent my own personal convictions and thoughts that connect me with Luis Trenker. 

They are exactly the values that I have been living my life by for over 25 years and they are a part of me. 

We will continue unflinchingly along our successful and independent path in the future too. 

We promise! 

Yours, Michi 
and the Luis Trenker team


A part of me

Luis Trenker stands not only for fashion but also for real values. For tradition, creativity, authenticity, for the love of nature and freedom, for sustainability and - for individuality. Those who choose Luis Trenker do so because they identify with precisely these values. Luis Trenker is a statement and a commitment.
Our brand promise „A part of me“ sums up this conviction.
W E   A R E   N O T   J U S T   A   P A R T   O F   Y O U R  W A R D R O B E .

We are a part of life.


Luis Trenker
clothes the body and
touches the soul.

A unique style, a unique philosophy and
a unique attitude to life make up the
appeal of our brand. Luis Trenker radiates
a zest for life: with highly individual clothing,
with selected licensed products and
with a fascinating world of experience,
of which you are a part.

Working for this brand means motivation,
inspiration and also 
a new commitment every day.
Because Luis Trenker is much more than fashion:
It is an attitude to life.




Crafted from
alpine charm and
Mediterranean flair.

We live at the intersection of two cultures.
And so we are alpine and Mediterranean,
casual and elegant, traditional and innovative
- as diverse and contrasting as the country we come from.
This interplay of cultures makes our fashion unique
and unmistakable. Luis Trenker is just as much at home
in the mountains of its homeland as it is in the
metropolises around the world - wherever people
are seeking authenticity and individuality.

T H E   L O V E  O F   T H E   S P E C I A L .
 T H E   C O U R A G E   T O   B E   E X T R A O R D I N A R Y .


We do not
simply produce.
We craft.

Meeting our own high quality standards
is a challenge we face every day and
one from which we are constantly growing.
We accompany and inspect the creation
of our products from the first sketch to the
last needle stitch. Along the entire supply chain,
we work with long-standing partners who share
and live out our values. 

In doing so, we consciously promote traditional
crafts and small family businesses that manufacture
with the highest precision and a great deal of passion.
This is the only way we can inspire people
with our fashion in the long term.



Unlimited creativity.
Boundlessly visionary.

South Tyrol is our home.
And also the source of our inspiration.

Nevertheless, we love thinking far beyond
the borders of South Tyrol.
Because only those who overcome boundaries
can expand their horizons and set new standards.
L  U  I  S     U  N  L  I  M  I  T  E  D :
This stands for the unlimited enthusiasm
that drives us.

Fashion is the free play of the imagination
with shapes and colours. We live out this freedom
and unwaveringly follow our dreams and visions.

Only those who burn for freedom
can stir up boundless enthusiasm!

Those who want to preserve traditions,
must always rekindle them. 


More than a name.
A trademark.

Luis Trenker is in many ways
our role model and an inspiration.

His courage, his pioneering spirit, his versatility,
his creativity and the steadfastness with which he
went his way shape the character of our brand.
And even though he always remained connected to
his homeland, he was at the same time cosmopolitan
and achieved international fame.
Luis Trenker is more than just a logo on our fashion:

H E   I S   A   P A R T   O F   U S .

P U S H I N G   B O U N D A R I E S .

Discover something new. 

We are close to home and open to the world.
We are regional and international.
We are mountain and city.
We are Luis Trenker and we are always
surprising, different - and special.
Michi Klemera (CEO)


We are committed
to our dreams.
And to our responsibilities.

That is why we consciously distance ourselves
from the fleeting trends of the fast-moving
fashion industry and create timeless favourite
pieces that will accompany us for many years to come.

For us, slow fashion is not a fashion term,
but a fixed component of our brand identity.

We also practice responsibility and respect towards
the people who work with and for us, as well as
those who buy our products.
They are all special.

They are a part of us.

Unlimited passion
Unlimited ideas


We are committed
to individuality
and versatility.

We have developed the brand over the years
and made it shine. The name Luis Trenker is a seal
of quality that we only award to selected licence partners.

Renowned companies such as Prima Hotelkosmetik,
Physiotherm infrared cabins and, of course,
our partner hotels contribute with high-quality
products to underpin the image of our brand and
to get even more people interested in Luis Trenker.

Our roots are regional.
Our aspiration is international.


We set standards.
And benchmarks.

We are proud of the fact that Thomas Gottschalk is our
brand ambassador out of sheer conviction.
Likewise, that the world-class biathletes Lukas Hofer
and Dominik Windisch have pledged their support for us.
So „A Part of me“ is more than just a claim.

We are also proud to have dressed the Brazilian Olympic team
and the German Paralympics team and to have designed
the limited edition Range Rover „Luis Trenker Edition“.

Charitable projects are also particularly dear to us:
For example, we have been supporting organisations such as
the „South Tyrolean Doctors for the World“ and the
„South Tyrolean Sports Aid“ for many years.

We are always reinventing ourselves.
And still, we remain loyal.

Europe‘s oldest aerial cable car:
Luis Trenker’s
„Alpine Lifestyle Express“
Sports brand ambassadors:
Dominik Windisch &
Lukas Hofer

We are always active.
And interactive.

We want to be a part of life. That is why interactive
media play a crucial role in our communication.

The exchange and dialogue with our fans is important
to us. After all, we see ourselves not only as a community,
but as a dedicated collective. And that is why our
customers also enjoy very special privileges:
when shopping online as well as in the shop.

And by the way, if you want to feel the unique
spirit that we stand for – just head to our shops in
Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy,
where we have brought this spirit to life.

What makes us special can be seen, 
felt and experienced.

We are here for you

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