Slow fashion designed in South Tyrol,
made in Europe.

The South Tyrolean fashion and lifestyle brand Luis Trenker stands for reliable clothing and the deep conviction for the values that are firmly anchored in the company philosophy.

Slow Fashion means standing up to the 'fast fashion' industry through timeless design, the use of natural or recycled materials, high quality and durability, as well as good working conditions and fair wages. Many fashion brands use this term as a marketing maneuver, but we have been living it with our brand for 28 years!
Luis Trenker founder and CEO Michi Klemera

Ever since the label was founded in 1995, Michi Klemera has been concerned that the resources we are given should not be taken for granted and be inexhaustible. At Luis Trenker, appreciation for people and nature is expressed first and foremost in the fact that 99% of the production is carried out in Europe: a large part of the unique garments are made in small factories in Italy, and the high-quality leather shoes are carefully handcrafted in a family business in the province of Treviso, with whom the label has been working for many years.

What drives Michi Klemera daily? "I have been a real "nature boy" since my childhood and have always spent a lot of time in the mountains. That's why it has been always clear to me that I wanted to found a company in which I could express my values and inspire others to do the same," he says, explaining his motivation and his tireless commitment to his brand.
It is the love for pure, raw material, but also for extravagance, that makes Luis Trenker so special: many fabrics are designed and produced exclusively for Luis Trenker, sometimes with a classic but characteristic herringbone pattern, sometimes with a wild, colourful ethnic pattern.

Whether his own store in New York's Time Square, which he has been dreaming of for a long time, will become reality remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the South Tyrolean label will continue to provide plenty to talk about and will keep surprising in the years to come.

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