Our Promise

Sustainability Unlimited

Durability and quality have always been our top priorities. Because our passion for fashion is closely linked to our sense of responsibility for people and nature.

A part of nature

Our home is one of the most beautiful areas in the world, the Dolomites. The mountains and forests of South Tyrol are an endless source of inspiration for us.
Protecting and preserving the beauty of nature, is therefore a mission we live by every day.

Slow Fashion has been an integral part of our philosophy from the very beginning. Our heart has always beaten for fashion that inspires its wearers and accompanies them on all their journeys, not just for one season, but for a lifetime!

Michi Klemera, CEO Luis Trenker

We consciously distance ourselves from the fleeting trends of the fast fashion industry and create timeless favourite pieces that will accompany us for many years. Slow fashion is not a fashion term for us, but an integral part of our brand identity.

99% Made in EU

Our production is handled almost exclusively in Europe. We work with reliable partners in Italy, Portugal and Romania.

The Luis Trenker Organic Collection

100% Organic
100% Luis Trenker

The sporty, comfortable loungewear in this Capsule Collection is made exclusively from organic cotton.
Because 100% nature is not just a promise, but a commitment.


Our Materials

High-quality materials are crucial to the quality of our clothes, shoes and accessories. Therefore, their careful selection is key on the way to more sustainable fashion.


Cotton is probably the most popular material in the clothing industry. This is because the natural fibre, which belongs to the mallow family and is cultivated in tropical to subtropical countries, is not only a renewable raw material, but also has many other positive properties. It is skin-friendly, breathable, temperature and moisture regulating, but also easy to care for and hard-wearing.


When we talk about wool, we usually mean sheep's wool: this is primarily characterised by its heat-insulating and breathable function, but also has the advantage that it does not crease easily and is not very susceptible to dirt. Wool is also a renewable natural material that can also be easily reused.

Merino wool

Merino wool is the finest quality of sheep's wool and, thanks to its soft texture, makes the skin feel particularly comfortable without scratching. With its thermo-insulating properties, it protects against the cold and cools in the heat at the same time, making it the perfect year-round material. It also absorbs sweat, is antibacterial and remains odourless for days on end.


This precious wool consists of fine fibres obtained from the fur of the cashmere goat. Among natural fibres, cashmere is the one with the highest thermal insulation. In addition, cashmere is cuddly soft, moisture-repellent, breathable and skin-friendly.


Viscose is considered a semi-synthetic fibre because, although it is made from the cellulose of trees, it is treated with chemical substances. Its smooth surface not only gives it the name "artificial silk", but also the great advantage that it usually does not need to be ironed.


As a natural plant fibre, linen is obtained from the stems of the flax plant. The material is particularly popular in summer because of its cooling effect. It is naturally antistatic and of a firm texture, easy to care for and pleasant on the skin.


The fibres of alpaca wool are hollow on the inside, which allows for unique thermal properties and rapid moisture absorption. It is very durable and 3x more tear-resistant than sheep's wool. It is also impervious to UV rays and, unlike other natural fibres, less prone to matting.


Silk is a natural animal fibre obtained from the thread that the silkworm - in about 90% the so-called mulberry moth - spins into a cocoon. It is heat-resistant, supple, smooth and amazingly tear-resistant: in fact, it has the greatest elasticity of all natural fibres.

Handcraft Unlimited

An Italian family.
A long-standing collaboration and friendship. A common goal: to preserve genuine craftsmanship across generations.


We stand by our responsibility.

And live them out with full conviction. Day by day.

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